Tuesday, July 28, 2015

134. Wonder Years With My Kids

From Smartcracks Collecton On Our Son.
Hirusha and the Ethiopians

In an effort to make our children think twice before wasting any resources, we always took the less fortunate ones than us like the homeless people, the children in Somalia, and Ethiopia, etc. as examples.
“Hey don't waste food. There are millions in places like Ethiopia dying in starvation at this very moment.”
We didn't realized we had pushed it too far, painting too gruesome a picture, until  Hirusha coined this new phrase “How many Ethiopians would die if I..”
For example, “How many Ethiopians would die if I throw this apple core away?
Or would come rushing back to the room he just left to switch off the fan and say, "I just saves two Ethiopians."
Then we  knew the Ethiopian era has come to an unexpected end.

Also known as Era

A purple colored Yahoo Messenger pop up message pinged at the bottom of my laptop screen. I clicked open the email and said aloud "A portable Sewing Machine!" because we were interested in for some time.
"And also known as the needle?" Hirusha asked without missing a beat.

Eating food while it’s still warm isn't Hirusha's strong point.  His fruit share will remain on his table being ignored for days. The tea will lie there all day unless someone forced him to drink it. Most of the days it was cold when he finally drank it. One day mother yelled from the kitchen, "Did you drink your tea?"
"Almost finished!" he quickly picked up the mug and yelled back, immediately followed by a "Also known as just started."

Quick Search Era

We were discussing about bygone days. The jobs entailed status we were saying
“A Clerk’s job for example, was supposed to be an underpaid menial job those days,’ said my wife’
“The parents didn't want to give their daughters in marriage to clerks,” I added salt.
"But don't forget,"Hirusha said without batting an eye,"that even Superman was a Clark."

All of us were busy with our own work when Hirusha aksed if anyone of us saw his pendrive. None of us paid much attention to him as we were engrossed in our own work but all offered some offhanded remarks like, "You must have given it to friend" or my wife’s usual "Calm down and backtrack your brain" or "Did you check in the laundry bin" or something like that. In a while we heard his sarcastic voice "Okay guys, stop searching. I found it."

Our little boy turns Eighteen today. So this is to say how much happiness you brought to our lives in the last 18 years and also to ask for more.

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  1. :-f happy birth day hirusha .

    //"But don't forget,"Hirusha said without batting an eye,"that even Superman was a Clark."///

    Very willing to read entire article.. May God protect your family.

  2. Happy birth day Hirusha putha !

    You know, now, Ethiopians are switching off unnecessary fans to save Sri Lankans.

    1. Thanks...and lol that just might be true :')

  3. I really wasn't expecting this...thanks thatha!! Some of these I had already forgotten myself, didn't think they were remembered by anyone.

  4. this really remind my twin girl & boy!!
    they just turned up 16.
    tks Dude

    1. You're welcome Rohan.
      My regards to your kids.

  5. සුභ උපන් දිනයක් වේවා ඩූඩි ඩූඩ්!
    තාත්තා වගේ බ්ලොගුත් ලියන්න ඈ...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. සුබ උපන් දිනයක් පුතේ..

  8. Very nice story.

    \\“How many Ethiopians would die if I throw this apple core away? \\ LOL

    Send my wishes to Hirusha

  9. හිරුෂ පුතාට සුභ උපන්දිනයක්''''''''''''''!............................

  10. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday Hirusha!

  11. Happy Birthday Young Voter, Razor ! Your nick name is marvelous... wish to see you again someday.

    (My Sympathies for Henry, being and old man...)

  12. I'm gonna wish the Jr. Henry for a Happy Bday first....

    Its wonderful coz u have got a nice and lovely Dad. On the other hand, I'm counting down to do my part for my sweet little son too like he did.


  13. ඩුඩ් පැංචාට සුභ උපන්දිනයක්.....

  14. සුභ උපන්දිනයක් වේවා පුතුට..! කෙතරම් රසවත් අතීත ආවර්ජන පොටෝද..?රසවත් අතීතයක්.

  15. Many happy returns of the day big man 'Hirusha'.. must be a special feeling for parents to see their little ones become 'elders'. waiting for that here. cheers!

  16. All the very best Hirusha.

    Dude hang on , one more teenager year to pass 😊

  17. how you stopped your endless thoughts, I know you may have unlimited incidences for a book.
    Wish you a very happy birthday Dude junior!!!!

  18. Many happy returns Young man. Keep this post printed or save in electronic manner and read it back when you turn 28, 38, 48, 58, respectively. You may see different angles of your beloved Fathers Heart.

  19. Congratulations Dude and Deepa for bringing up such a wonderful son. And Happy 18th Birthday to Little Dude. Might be it's time for him to start his own blog :)

  20. Belated wishers young man.... also wishing you for a long blog journey ....

  21. සුබ උපන්දිනයක් හිරුෂ

  22. Happy Birthday Razza !!!

    There is a popular saying here "If son is not imitating father,he is not his son". From this we can realized about Father.

  23. සුබ උපන්දිනයක් හිරුෂ.


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